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Using 4 Motors?

Hi all, I've made my first robot using a picaxe 28x1 project board. This uses the L293D to drive my 2 motors (connected to a & b). My question is, if I wanted to power 4 motors from a robot, what would I need to do? Is this hardware capable, or should I be looking at something slightly different?

Also, I have a AXE230 PICAXE-08M Module...which says it can be attached to the board and enable the use of additional servos or other output devices, but does not specify motors.

Any advice is welcome, I've been through so many different websites and can't seem to put this together myself :(

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The L293D has 4 output ports. You will be using two of these outputs to control four motors in total. You will need to connect the positive terminals of the motors together as well as the negative terminals together. The negative terminals will then be connected to common ground ( - ). The positive terminals will then be connected to one of the four outputs. Do this with the other side as well. Now I dont know exactly what your goal was but from my understanding you seem to only want the robot to move in one direction, which is what the above ideas are about. If you do want to have directional control try the schematic on page two of the L293D documentation. 


good luck with your project :)