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Roombot, witch parts i need?

Hi all!

On my blog here you can folow the progress of my roombot.

For now, I just need a robot that moves on the outside of the room and always turn right if possible.

I want it to work with the ultrasound sensor.

For the rest, I really do not know what else I need to buy.

One or two servo's?
Witch microcontroller? (If i need one)

Later on Roombot, there will be 4-6 sensors on, so it must be able to upgrade the bot with them.


Can you guys give me a tip/start?


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If all you want to do is what you've described-and I think all you want is a machine that hugs the wall on the left side and turns right when it gets to a corner-you could make something as simple as this:http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31172 but even simpler. You would only need to put the delayed H bridge on the right motor. Just be sure that the bump sensor triggers with enough leeway for the left motor to rotate 90 degrees around the center of the "axel." The schematic is at that link and depending on various factors-wheel size and distance between wheels, etc.-you'll have to experiment with the capacitor value. Adding ultrasonics would require a microprocessor but for what you are looking to do that's a little like sand blasting a soda cracker. Other than the parts in the schematic you'll need a chassis, motors, wheels, wiring and batteries (I guess this last item isn't optional according to bird;-). This assumes your room is not an irregular shape and that you'll always be starting it with the left side against the wall. Programming a wall finding routine with a micro and ultrasonics would be a headache!


My room has obstacles in it, but all obstacles are in 90°. So always turning right if possible and only turn left if right is not an option and straight neither, with the wall on the right side, will lead the robot to go counterclockwise. (Don't ask why, but I just want to go it counterclockwise :p)

I think the ultrasonic would become in handy for help detecting if there is place on the right. (The green part on the pic, the bot runs from the bottom to the top)

With the obstacel be my desk or something. So it has to turn left and right.

Ofcourse RoomBot will start next to the wall.

Hi, thanks for the comment.


I know the whole picture is way to mutch in the beginning.
That is why is will try first to just build a robot that can move.

I saw some robots here, and plenty can avoid obstacles, so I thought it would not be that hard to upgrade sutch a robot to keep moving next to the wall.


My experiences with electronics are with my school (I studie engineering in Belgium), In a team we had to build a squashball machine. I was responisble for the electronics. The machine had to automaticly shoot at two hights (so the electronics had to change the angle each time a ball went off).
That is all at this moment, but I will chose computer science as my lead course and electronics as my minor course. So I will learn mutch in school too. (Already had a course about electric circuits (Ohm-law, opamps, DC, AC,....))

At school we used MPLab (with a microcontroller disgend for students (accelorator on it, leds showing if the pin is active, resetbutton,...)


Once again, I know that this robot will not be build in 1,2,3. But you have to get a goal I think, so that is my goal.
First thing I need to do is build a robot that can move and avoid objects.
Then I need to program it, that it can follow the wall.

Ow yes, this RoomBot have to be used on my studio, there is only one room. So navigating in a house and define a room is nothing i should worry about.


i read your other posted and for a first robot this is way beyond a beginner but that's ok we all do it, what experience do you have with electronics?   i don't know to many robots that can even navigate a house and identify a room , plenty that can ovoid stuff but very few can actuality "navigate " (maybe if someone else knows of a bot than can do this post a link Thanks)

im going to dump my bookmarks on you you can sift threw them at you convenience
































the most important link of all, below Google use it and often 










i thought i had more :) , there are forums, blogs, shops, and tutorials , read read read and watch some video get some books manuals are the shizzz , 

i think it would cool if you made your robot the way you describe it but, Blink before you run