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Texas Instruments - long wait times....

So I ordered a couple of the MSP430 LaunchPad boards two weeks ago just to discover they were on back order.  After speaking with someone in support on Monday, TI is fully stocked....just received both boards today :)


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Yep. The kit came with two controllers, 8KB Flash and 16KB Flash.  

I've been messing around with the Arduino for quite a while but could not pass up the opportunity to get the launchPad because of the price point. That said I'll be sure to post something here first when I start mucking around with it.  

Interesting comments on the RaspPi - I followed the development early on before its launch but my interest fell off for other reasons.

Did you get the launchpad with the two included μControllers?  Keep us abreast of your work on this, robotic or "Something else."  Some of us are quite interested in Linux-capable SBCs other than the RaspPi (and it sounds like some people who got the RaspPi are suffering from buyer's remorse.)

Too many people expected the RP to be a plug and play $23 HD gaming rig