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Picaxe 28 project board gets hot

Hello all

I am currently making the Start Here robot project, I think I have connected up both motors and the servo correctly. I plugged it into my computer and an error message pops up saying 'serial port error - port not present or already in use.'

But then I noticed that my board was getting hot, so I unplugged it. The batteries were then hot and so was the motor driver (I think it was the motor driver that was hot anyway)

Please help if you can, with either of my problems, the error message or the board getting hot. I have also attached some photos to help you help me.


IMG_5284.JPG2.87 MB
IMG_5285.JPG2.77 MB
IMG_5287.JPG2.68 MB
IMG_5291.JPG2.66 MB
IMG_5288.JPG2.56 MB
IMG_5290.JPG2.62 MB

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Right, okay.

Thanks for your help, I will read those documents, push the chips in properly and I will just solder the wires together instead of using 9V snaps.

If things still dont work I will write another comment updating you.

Thanks for the advice


Sorry if I have given you a hard time about reading the manuals but as a former picaxe user I know from experience that 99.99% of the answers are in the manuals and Picaxe have gone to a lot of trouble to write them.

If you ask us a question that is in the manual then you are really asking us to read the manual for you.

Start by downloading and reading the manuals here: http://www.picaxe.com/Getting-Started/PICAXE-Manuals/
Read them!

Download the datasheet for your board and attach it so others can help you. Read it!

Then check your power, The fact that every thing is getting hot means you've probably got the power connected wrong. I'm not 100% sure but connecting two 9V snap connectors like you have has probably reversed the polarity. You may have damaged some of the microchips.

Looking at your photos, the chips do not seem to be pressed into their sockets properly.


Right ok, I have used my multi-meter and indeed the polarity was swapped. Could this have damaged or fried my chips? I have sorted that out and am now reading the mauals.

Thanks for you help

Usually things go sour when they get hooked up backwards. It will definitely fry the IR sensor. I think I did that to my L293D and it survived but I've not tested a PICAXE with reversed polarity. My guess is it's not good. If you could post the damage report I'd be interested.

I have got all the drivers to work on another pc. I am still keeping my fingers crossed but there doesn't seem to be any damage to any of the chips. :)

once I get the programming cable and drivers to work I will let you know how extensive the damage is.