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Picaxe programming cable will not work

I have made the start here robot and am trying to program it.

I have tried to download the driver for the cable. When I run the self-installing driver that you get from picaxe.com I get to the self-extractor, the progress bar reaches the end and then the window closes and no other window opens. I am not sure whether another window should open but I thought you had to set it up.

When I run the picaxe programming editor and click the check firmware version button it just come up with an error message saying 'serial port error - port not present or already in use!'

I have uploaded a picture of the screen when I get this message

Please help if you can because I would love to start to program my picaxe 28 project board.

Picaxe_error_message.png149.86 KB

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  1. plug in cable and robot
  2. turn on robot
  3. goto view / options / serial port
  4. scroll down till you find the active port - select, apply
  5. hope i understood you properly
  6. dom

sorry - dom

pop up you get when you start the Picaxe program , the second tab is your serial port select,  look down the list of ports and if your driver is installed properly you should see AX27 bla bla usb cable select it click apply if you don't select the port you will get an error MSG when you try to upload a program and options  will pop up again 

when installing the driver do not have the cable plugged in to the computer , after plug in the cable and you should get a new hard were found and and it should auto install the cable on to a spear comport  then you should see new hardwere ready to use pop up and you should be good to go 

hope that helps :D


Thanks for your reply. But in that second tab with the serial port selection, all of them say 'not available'.

Im guessing this is something to do with the drivers but I'm just not sure how to sort that out.

Once I install the driver and then plug the cable in, I do not get a new hardware found pop up.

Do you have any other ideas?

yep that driver needs to be instaled , it's been a wile so i may get this wrong

the file you downloaded from the picaxe site the driver , if it's a zip file it will need to be Extracted (uncompressed) right click on the file there should be an option there if you have win zip installed on your PC. once you have got threw that bit goto the extracted file there might be an .exe file might say installer, click it should start up a little program to install the driver it's very clear if you get it right 

if someone else can explain better than i please go ahead. i suck at this kind of thing :D 

Thanks agin for the reply. I downloaded the driver on another pc running XP and got it all working perfectly. I shall use that computer to program my chip while I try to get my primary computer to work.

Thanks again for your help.

you got it working. XP is  good for this kind of thing