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IR Receiver, motor control circuit Mabuchi RF-500TB (or similar)

Dear all,

I kindly ask you attention for a situation...

For the first time I am trying to really build a great secret product, I will tell you what it is later :-)

Now being an MScBA myself I love technical stuff but know very little about it. Basically what I think I need is an IR Receiver, motor control circuit Mabuchi RF-500TB (or similar). What I basically need and want to do is to have a motor which can be switched on/off by using infrared remote control.

Please please advice me on if I am thinking correct and what I need or where I can buy or who could help me.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind Regards,

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I would say something like http://www.picaxe.com/Hardware/Project-Boards/PICAXE-08-Motor-Driver-Board/ for dev purposes + an IR receiver hooked up to an input pin will accomplish what you want, in the short term.

Am I allowed to make you a commercial proposition in this forum?

Kind Regards,

I imagine you are. I doubt it would be wise though. What I know how to do and what I have done are worlds apart. :D There is no reason I can't put forth a good effort to accomplish what you ask. However, an email might be a better venue for a job offer.