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ALF Donation for LMR4

Ok, I will make it short.

As a result of the Campus Party 2012 in Berlin I just donated 66UD$ for the development of LMR4.

Why and how?

At the Campus Party in Berlin I brought the kit of ALF to sell it at the CP 2012. The kit contained all the parts to build ALF inluding the bottle caps. During the Campus Party I was able to sell 53 kits. As a thank you to LMR and it's members, the friendly community and the great help I got all the time I decided to donate 1 Euro (1.25 US$) for each kit I am able to sell for the development of the LMR Version 4.

ALF and my other projects would not exist without LMR where I got the re-start of my electronic activities. 



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Your generosity is most kind.

Lumi, you're the man :-)

That is VERY nice!

is ther a place were i can buy a kit?

Yep, you can buy it from me :-)


ok cool

thank you for doing that to this site lumi :)

Nice! Thanks :)

Your are quite welcome :-) I warned you that I am going to do that LOL