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My pickaxe 28X1/40 X 1 board won't run my code!

So i'm trying to run my first picaxe code (a sample peice of code), and the computer says the code downloads just fine to my board, but then nothing happens. The exact code i used is below:


servo 0, 150

wait 2


(it's the only thing on the page) the example said it should turn the servo to the center position, but nothing happens, at all. i've double checked the plug location, and it is on pin 0. (and the brown wire is to the outside, toward ground, as it should be). I also tried other ports (and changed the program accordingly) and thing happened then either. I also tried a different servo, (as I have 2)... neither worked.  Any ideas?


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the picaxe program editor has quite frankly amazing instruction booklets with it (tho they do hurt your head after about 7 hours).

they do explain the basic necessities of each chip and thier input / output potential - very handy in building your own boards



Sorry, I have it now. In addition to the chips associated with your board, you have some extra chips and you would like to know what they are so you can add them to the proto area of your 28/40 board. Dig it.

Ok, first rule of robot building. Information seeking... Google the chips.

Yup, the best gosh-darn way of figuring out what a chip does is to note what is written on the chip and then google that text. You are looking for a datasheet which will probably be in PDF format. The datasheet will tell you all about the chip, what you can and can't do with it, pinout diagrams and probably a basic schematic of an example circuit.


I am sorry in advance if I am looking at the wrong board. I think you have this guy http://www.picaxe.com/docs/axe022.pdf

If I have the board correct, then I am confused as to what "the wrong chip" could have been --I mean, there are only 2 IC's on the whole board and one of them is your Picaxe. You are up and running, I suppose thats all that matters.

The other IC that is on your board (the 8-pin 24LCxx) is a memory chip, an EEPROM. 

I don't think the Picaxe is going to be outputing speech for you, but I have had great success in the past with serial Mp3 players and others have gotten results with the SpeakJet Chip.


I got it working, thank you everyone! (I, Uh, apparently had the wrong chip installed on the board. I figured this out after I tried and double checked everything you guys suggested, so thanks!)


A different question, How do I go about finding out exactly what each of my chips does? And how can I exapand the board to have more chips? (as I think the chip I have extra is an amp for acoustics,and i'd eventually want to program the robit to speak, or something at least)

Best would be a picture of your installation that we can see if there is any hardware issue.

What concerns me is the wireing...the servo has 3 of them, ground, power and signal and all of them nedds to be connected to the proper counterpart.


You say the signal wire is on pin 0, and that the brown wire is on ground, where is the red wire?

I've tried having the horn in different positions, and no, it doesn't make any noise that I can hear. (The microcontroller should work, as the wheels do turn, albiet slowly.) Perhaps I should try fresh new batteries... hmm.


Good power is a good first start. :) Kinda like breakfast being the most important meal of the day. :)

You don't mention if the servo horn is already facing center.