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RasPi and RC


This is a bit of a repetition of a question I added to this post, but I tought I'd repost as I don't think anyone will see the other.

I've managed to get my hands on a raspberry pi, and I was wondering; Is it worth using for a transmitter, or would I be better off using a standard microcontroller? Could it handle working in real-time? Is it possible to output PPM on one of the GPIO pins, or would I be better off using a secondary microcontroller?

If I use the pi, how hard would it be to strip back the OS to just run the RC program, so it will boot and run quicker?

Also, does anyone know what the best (and cheapest) way to connect a small phone-type LCD to it? I know that it's got a DSI connector, but I don't know whether that is usable at the moment.

I know I'd need to connect at least 4 analogue inputs to it (probably more like 6), so what's the best way to do this without eating too much into my pins? I'd probably want to add about the same amount of toggle switches and stuff, too.


More info


If possible, this is what I'd like to wire up to the pi;


A PPM transmitter module (extra questions: 1; could I connect 2 types to the same pin, and then select which type by switching the power to the modules on and off, or would this cause interference?  2; could two 2.4ghz modules (one in use, one switched off) share an aerial without problems, or would I be better with 2 seperate aerials?)

A display (Monochrome, preferably graphic)

Probably about 6 anologue inputs (2 sticks, and 2 extra pots)

Probably about 6 toggle switches

Display input; Ideally a rotary encoder (jogwheel), although probably a few push buttons

Possibly a space for an xbee-type radio

Serial in, for telemetry from the transmitter module


These are what I've thought of so far. Any links to information about interfacing to these would be really useful.

One more question; although I probably won't be doing a project like this for a while, would the Pi have the grunt to work as a groundstation for a UAV/UGV (probably based around the ardupilot setup)?

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, I was meaning one like with an interface like this one. I know these work with the pi (there's a tutorial on adafruit's website), although I'm not sure about the nokia-type graphic ones.

I accidentally posted this as a comment rather than a reply