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Bracerbot Beta

Walks around sends data from multiple sensors via bluetooth then sticks to arm

My first quadruped, I wanted to make it special, so after you finish gathering data robot will come to you and will wrap around you arm as a barecelet (see video). Still need to programm walking and data sending via bluetooth, perhaps I will make an android app for it.

*Update 18.9* spray-painted legs to black, finally started to program some walking. Currently I'm working more on gait and I would like to create processing application for him.

*Update 28.9* I have written small Processing app for bot using controlP5 library. Also data obtaining now works, lags on the app are caused by screen capture program.

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What board are you using? Did you use a plain board and soldered the components to it?

I've made my own board

How did you get the parts for it? 3D printing?

I don't have access to the 3D printer so basically everything is made by my hands, that's the reason why it's not so accurate :D

I think maybe RobotGoose is wondering what I am-what's holding the servos together and to the battery-feet? It looks like black epoxy to me, but could also be some kind of Plastruct or sugru.

ahh sorry, I'm not very comprehensive :D I've used small L-type brass hinges and lot of hotglue. this image should help http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rDyZThJkfsM/UEOj-D1H7mI/AAAAAAAAATc/RUHOWC67Ipw/s1600/DSC01080.JPG

Awesome robot!


Thank you :)

That's not robot. That's baby alien attacking your hand!! Hahaa..
New idea is what the most count!! Great robot!

Thanks :) Yeah I hope it won't kill me :D