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Bracerbot Beta

Walks around sends data from multiple sensors via bluetooth then sticks to arm

My first quadruped, I wanted to make it special, so after you finish gathering data robot will come to you and will wrap around you arm as a barecelet (see video). Still need to programm walking and data sending via bluetooth, perhaps I will make an android app for it.

*Update 18.9* spray-painted legs to black, finally started to program some walking. Currently I'm working more on gait and I would like to create processing application for him.

*Update 28.9* I have written small Processing app for bot using controlP5 library. Also data obtaining now works, lags on the app are caused by screen capture program.

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Well I meant 40 euros - atmega328 - 5€ - servos - 11€ - accelerometer - 7€ - bt module - 9€ - 1.5v batteries - 5€ I dont count rest of the onboard components because I had them already. But they would cost around 3-5€ together. Note that I'm not counting in price of Nokia batteries, because my brother gave them to me from old phones.

What is that blue module? Bluetooth module for the Android?

It's a standard UART bluetooth module, this one I bought locally for like 9€ but you can find them even cheaper on ebay, range though is horrible only up to 1m when connected to pc via usb bluetooth adapter.

How do you connect it to your computer?

I use usb bluetooth module and I use bluetooth manager to connect it as a bluetooth serial port

How do you wire power to microcontroller? thats a question I've been asking myself for a long time.


Take a look at the PCB, those four pin connectors on the edges :)