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Bracerbot Beta

Walks around sends data from multiple sensors via bluetooth then sticks to arm

My first quadruped, I wanted to make it special, so after you finish gathering data robot will come to you and will wrap around you arm as a barecelet (see video). Still need to programm walking and data sending via bluetooth, perhaps I will make an android app for it.

*Update 18.9* spray-painted legs to black, finally started to program some walking. Currently I'm working more on gait and I would like to create processing application for him.

*Update 28.9* I have written small Processing app for bot using controlP5 library. Also data obtaining now works, lags on the app are caused by screen capture program.

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Great idea with a lot of potential. (collected). I like the idea with the batteries in/as the legs, it gives the robot a special kind of style. OddBot's bipeds got the batteries in their feet :-)

Thank you :) This feature was one of the first on the list, spares space and robot is balanced, only problem was wiring :D

The bracelet idea was genius. More so than Q, it reminds me of something from a cyberpunk movie where the cops would have something like this on their arm and throw into a room to scout.

What are you using for your Bluetooth radio on the robot? I've been looking for a cheap alternative to Sparkfun's modules.

Thank you :) Guess I have to see that movie. I'm using 10 dollar UART Bluetooth module from ebay

Braclet Robots! Forget terminator!

Interesting idea using the batteries as legs although like oddbot says you could use a single power supply.

Thanks :) Yeah I know it's bad idea, but It's bit poetical that you have power in legs :D.

Nice job although I think you could make it lighter by running your servos from the Li-ion batteries and ditching the AAA NiMh. This will help it move quicker and increase the life of the servos. Just add about 3x 3A diodes in series between your 7.4V Li-ion batteries and the servos to drop the voltage down to a safe level for the servo. You may need to add a couple of noise filtering capacitors across your processor Vcc and Gnd pins for stability.

Thanks :) I know two separate power sources are overkill and that I could spare about 50 grams by ditching those AAAs, but I like to have different power source for logic and for servos.

That is equal parts cool and disconcerting. I guess I should be glad it wasn't made to wrap around your head!