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CDancer v.2 [He won! He won!]

Dance and make you laugh


Happy news:

CDancer won in the PICAXE's monthly competition!

When the prize arrives, CDancer poses with it! :)




My first Picaxe robot is posted, but I have made other projects with Picaxe before this.

But now to something informative:
- It uses 08M as "brains"
- There is 1 servo and two leds as actuators
- In future you can control this by remote
- I used perfboard to connect everything
- I can say: It is really messy! 
- This is my "masterpiece" for that CD-robot competition
- It has only 2 CDs used, but i didn't have more,and it doesn't need more 

For the face, or the guy, i used a mini CD, two green leds and some paper for legs, mouth and hands.
Servo lays on a tinderbox, so legs can't touch ground.

I will post the code later, so you can see how quick i wrote it :D
But now to some pictures:

This is what it looks ready to go!


Everything attached to the bace cd

The board itself.

And the schematic (little poor).

That's all this time! Cheers!

UPDATE 5.9.2012

Well this time I added a LDR for sensor.
I added it to pin 3 and 4k7 pull-up resistor of course!
So now if you walk past it, it starts to dance (same moves as before).
Later I will post new video and some pictures. 
The video will come before pictures, I think.
But for now, I consider this project finished, before i get some new things and so.

Cheers again! 

UPDATE 5.9.2012

My solution was to add video and pictures to one video, and of course, some music :D
Hope you like this! 

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Looks like you have a free I/O pin there. Maybe you could use it to somehow get audio input to control his movement? I honestly don't have a clue how to go about it. Just a suggestion. :)

That's for it, and future developement