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Storekeeper robot (prototype)

ok so i decided to share this little dino here! we have a robotic match soon and its honestly such a hassle to say all the rules and stuffs. by now we made the chassis,a simple hardware,manipulator and well also the program!


2x dc gearmotors with internal encoders (emg 30)

a 1cm thick plexiglass as chassis

manipulator (using robotis kit included Ax12+ servos and the controller "cm510")

1x atmega2561 as main processor

8x sharp distance sensors

1x 14.8v 3600mah li-po battery


more info soon!


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No more informations about this robot ?

sorry about that.been busy!

the robot's finished!we made two copies.

I'll post new pics and add more infos as soon as I can

looks awesome