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can anybody help me with my project? im using Arduino for my mcu. does anybody have a prototype picture? thanks.

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If the Garduino post over at Instructables is exactly what you need, then I am confused as to the advice you need. If you click through a bit here, you will find it is actually step-by-step instructions. Is there a particular step that confusing? 

actually, my professor made everything complicated. what he wants is actually control the moisture and DISPLAY the moisture content of the soil (that would maybe include 2 7-segment display). what and how will i do that? what instrument can measure moisture and output it in the arduino. any suggestion sir? 

I think if read the instructable more you would find some answers to your question. There's a reason why almost every comment has suggested it...



You can then use the values returned from the sensor to generate some sort of output data for your display.

Try a search for "Garduino," which was someone's cute play on words (garden-arduino.) I imagine it will be closest to what you're after.

thank you sir. ive already seen it. i think it is exactly what i should implement. but still comments and suggetions are NEEDED. :)

Well, it looks like you are not looking for a "Garden bot" but rather a "Moisture Meter". Actually, I would think there would be a lot of tutorials about this. Try searching "moisture meter arduino" here, on google, on Hack a Day and Instructables.

thank you sir, so when the moisture is low that is the trigger for the water to flow. how can i program the arduino in that way?? what parts or components will i use?????

I thought when I clicked the link I would find a bot in a garden lol If you're looking for help we need more info. There is not really one "gardenbot" design. Do you want it to pull weeds? Maybe squeeze things to test for ripeness? How about a mobile .22LR dispenser for the varmits?

a system will sense the soil moisture then when it is somewhat dry, it will automatically release water to the soil watering the plants. two probes will be the sensor buried in the soil. its output is sent to the arduino turning on the water controller if it is dry