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23:59  The last minute bot.

The idea behind this bot was to learn more about the picaxe controllers we will be giving away at Maker Fair.  It is made from CDs because the same day I asked myself "What  will I make the body out of?"  Albert “thesaxmachine” La posted that time is running out for the "build a robot out of CDs contest". http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32457

I designed the pattern using sketch-up.  I printed it and coated the back with a temporary adhesive. 

I made all the cuts with a jewelers saw. (It's like a hand held scroll saw.) 

To make the bends, I clamped the parts I wanted to bend between two blocks of wood and gently heated the bend line with a hot air desoldering station. When soft, I used another block of wood to hold the bend in place while it cooled. 

I made the legs from a aluminum extrusion because the bent CD ones broke when I tried to mount the servo horns.

I used hot glue to assemble the body and mount the servos. 

I found the feet were too flexible so I added stiffener pieces and some weight to the ankles. 

I am taking 23:59 to Maker Fair to show some of the different things you could make with the pickaxe 08M2 and that you can use found objects in making a bot.

The current code has it walk forward until it senses an obstacle then it turns in a random direction until the way is clear.

I plan to add the ability to control it with a TV remote control.

More to follow.



UPDATE 9/17/12

When I got home last Friday I was greeted with this.leg fail

A total leg fail. So I built new legs.

new legs

with the l thought that "if its worth engineering its worth over-engineering".  But when I tried to install them I had two servos die and several cracks added to the body.  After twice building a new body I arived at what I think of as the third from last body desgin.

9-179-17 side

in this version the top tray is flipped to give it a top and put the ping sensor inside. And the bottom tray was moved up so I don't have to cut holes to mount the servos.  I also added the IR Remote receiver and instead of hinging the back is held on with magnets.

  The next to last version will flip the bottom tray so i can glue the sides of the servos to it. 

  The last version will use a IR range sensor mounted to the outside so you wont need the holes for the ping sensor.  That one I will do a How-To for so everyone can have one of these guys.

  As far as the Hat, I Googled 2359 and found NGC2359 aka "Thor's Helmet Nebula" so the Hat is decided.


Last Update  Before Maker Fair NYC

     The next to last version is finished.

The Sumo bot kit arrived,  Thanks again Albert.  I learned a lot, mostly that CD's are a lousy thing to make into a robot.

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I've been watching this little fellow grow and take his frist steps on the Robot Party. Great to see him up and ready for action. See you at Maker Faire.

"Spear and Magic Helmet!"

I remember that (: