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tell me component in this pcb layout

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I would think that S1 is a switch,

Well, I'm assuming you're asking for listing of components needed to use with that PCB, if produced.

Some of them, are identified like the L293D motor driver, the 7805T and 317T voltage regulators. Then you have resistors, capacitors, and a potentiomer, but it's not much use telling you this without knowing their values. The rest is connectors, a led and an S1 part that I cannot identify by footprint.

When asking a question you should be able to provide as much context as possible. That, I believe is why Geir was asking the source of that file. The sister-schematics of that pcb, a stated purpose/description of what the said board is supposed to do, and so on...

Where did you get the file?

After a search in Google it turned out that this pcb layout came from this page: http://rahmatwahyumekatronik.blogspot.gr/2012/04/episode-kali-ini-ane-mau-ngebahas-apa.html

The pcb layout and schematic can be found towards the end of the page in the section "4.Driver dan Supply"


You dissapoint me Basile, how will this kid learn anything when you do his homework for him.

He could not even ask the question properly!


I didn't mean to do his homework, which I haven't done, but I don't know if he copied the file or what without even mentioning the site he got it from.
Plus I was wondering why didn't he contact the original author of the circuit!


this not my homework ,but i just want  try to make  my own robot sir

My point is that you should have googled this yourself. It is not hard.