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Simple math problem.. I think.. If I was good at math :)

I am going nuts over this (possibly) simple equation that I need for a fun Processing project.

I need to have the "calculation" or "equation" for X

Y is the number of times we go (X=X+X), and the end result should always be 1



IF Y is 2 then X = 0.25, because

0.25+0.25=0.5 (Y1)

0.5+0.5=1 (Y2)

HOW on earth does one calculate X? (if Y is for example 214.7787009)?

I imagine it'd be something like X=1/SQR Fish Y Something Hotdog?!?


There's SO much respect to the person cracking this! :) (Or I'll delete the post and pretend this never happened, if the answer is really simple :)

Thanks :) (and respect)


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I still not understand why the term "y times" should represent an exponential function rather than a simple multiplication. In the link you will find the text "3 multiplied by 4 (often said as "3 times 4")".

But let's say, the term "y times" should represent, the addition (x+x=2x) shall be exponential repeated. Then we have to follow the exponential law:

This would lead to following euqation:

Solving for x

This means this equation has only one solution if y0. But that's not what was originally intended :)