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Simple math problem.. I think.. If I was good at math :)

I am going nuts over this (possibly) simple equation that I need for a fun Processing project.

I need to have the "calculation" or "equation" for X

Y is the number of times we go (X=X+X), and the end result should always be 1



IF Y is 2 then X = 0.25, because

0.25+0.25=0.5 (Y1)

0.5+0.5=1 (Y2)

HOW on earth does one calculate X? (if Y is for example 214.7787009)?

I imagine it'd be something like X=1/SQR Fish Y Something Hotdog?!?


There's SO much respect to the person cracking this! :) (Or I'll delete the post and pretend this never happened, if the answer is really simple :)

Thanks :) (and respect)


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... now I understand me shivering while doing the ecuation ... the dreaded limits !!!!

.... Processing is not the right language :-) 

On the other hand I think you can probably kill any language or computer with a large enough Y.

My mad math skills stop here ... good luck :-) 

X = 1 / (2Y)

X = 1 / (2 * 214.7787009)

x = 1 / (429.5574018)

x = 002327978

After all that, I agree with PaulJD. :)


with your example of Y=2,

X=(1/2)/2, or X=0.25

So, with Y=214



Edit/: need pen and paper brb

But me ain't good at math either ...

Ok so what I got is:


So if we need to know x the ecuation would look like:


... I think :-) 

if 1=y(2x) then, x = 1/(2y). Slightly different from x = 1/2 * y.

If x = .25 & y = 2 and x = 1/2 * y, then .25 != 1/2 * 2

However, .25 = 1 / (2 * 2).

Forgot the parenthesis :-)