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new 3d printable robot on the works


I need sensors for my robot not to fall from tables, etc. I thought of using sharp ir sensors, specifically GP2Y0D805Z0F - which is a digital sensor has has detection range of 5cm.

I am thinking of using two sensors, although if I can get away with using just one that would be better. I put a picture of the front of my robot. and I marked the optical axes from ground point to place on bot, i.e. sensor placement.



All I need is a nice cosy spot for the sensor. I will be opensourcing the 3d design, and i have already published the software on git hub.

Any recomendations and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,







roverfront.png75.61 KB
rovertop.png86.35 KB
roverson.png43.03 KB

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could you not just put the kind of sensor that they use for line detection? the LED and PhotoResistor combination should detect the difference when the edge of the table is reached, and if you use thig you can just mount it easily on the botton around the edges Ifigure. the only real problems with this are if the table is black then it will receive low data back in the sensor and this would be the same as the edge of the table, and if there for some reason is a line on the table or a large enough crack it could sence this as the edge as well.