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A Game of Kat and Mouse


A Game of Kat (Anologue) and Mouse (Digital)

This entry is about a challenge I am doing for a school club, Destination Imagination. One robot controlled by a PICAXE 08Mx with two H-bridges (Mouse) will be programmed to go to a set location to achieve 10 pts. The Mouse will be outfitted with an Infrared LED crown. The second robot will be a LM393N based infrared light seeker (Kat). The Kat will track down the "Mouse" for and additional 10 pts. The target area is exactly 4.24 meters away from the closest starting location. The target area is exactly 0.5 meters by 0.5 meters. In additon eight more non-robotic/electronic vehicles will also be entering this area to score the most amount of points. The budget for our entire project must be under $175. Hence why we will only be having two robots because we need to create non-electric propulsion systems for the other vehicles and have props for a skit to go along with the vehicles. Below are the circuit. Oh one more thing, as a rule of Destination Imagination only my teammembers can give me ideas, if you see room for improvement DO NOT SHARE. However, if you see an error in the circuit that would prevent it from working properly by all means post. Compliments are always welcome as well ;D.


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There is already a mistake in the title. According to your description below, the mouse is digital, the cat analogue.

The schematic is too small to read anything.

The idea is good though.

The mouse is digital. the mouse is controlled by the PICAXE 08Mx and the kat is controlled by an LM393 (comparator).


Please make the picture "clickable" that we can see what is in there :-)

The image is now officially "clickable." :D

Hey, DI awesome. I used to participate in DI at my school but we didn't have a team this year. Sorry for the random burst that has nothing to do with your question.

The schematics are no longer available in order to preserve my team's way of solving the problem in detail.