Let's Make Robots!

Simple Robot and It will be growing on projects... LOL

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ignoblegnome's picture

Very nice. Now try experimenting with different walking gaits and manuvers. See if you can get your robot to turn, to back up, to dance!

DaveyJones's picture

look into BEAM robots, there are many walkers using only 2 servos.
apparently the trick is having 1 servo at about 45 degrees relative to the other.

lumi's picture

Welcome to LMR dude. This reminds me n my 4-legged robot http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26194 Keep going and make him dance :-)

MetalmonkeeLad's picture

nice first robot! i remembered my first robot...it's not even considered a robot :P just a motor connected to batteries, added a face, and that was it :)

microbot777's picture

Wow, I feel stupid for not coming up with this idea. But great job and welcome to LMR!
You posted a very informative and detailed "post". This is awesome! 


Gee Thanks...