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give me a tutorial to build a analog line follower robot 

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lol, you can't just depend from others, do some research, experiment on your own, that's where learning starts!

sorry i am still a beginer :(

Normally I would go postal on you for writing such a topic but today I'm in a favorable disposition so I'll just give you a link instead...


you are looking for

I don't need the please, or any money but...

I could use a little effort.

If you want to get good answers around here, you have to show you want them. Instead of "gimme", it would have gone a lot better with something like:

I would like to build an analog line follow robot, I have done some searching but <I am still confused here> or <I couldn't find...> or <what is this particular part>...

Beyond that, can I get some fucking punctuation? Maybe a capital letter here and there? I mean your title is one word, does not explain your problem, can never be searched by anyone and does not start with a capital letter. Same goes for your question. Now, these are not big issues (we all type fast and make mistakes from time to time) but in this case, it really just shows you kinda don't give a shit.

Rewrite this post properly or these comments from everyone are just going to continue...

But who am I kidding? You are now discovering that this project will require work --you will never be back to comment on this post.

it's very help mee...

Hendrabajo, please try to learn some manners.

I don't know how old you are but i know here are people on LMR who could be your grandpa...not me ;-)

I also know that in the usual forums where teens exchange "nice" thoughts the speech is usual very straight.

I am not a person who is saying "hey, i could be your father, please show some respect" but i want some respect of other people anyway. Your eaction can not be excused with "sorry i am still a beginer :(" because this has nothing to do with using a forum or building robots, that's just bad behavior.

As I already build an analog line follower I would really like to help you, even send you a free kit if I could help some teenagers to find a nice hobby. But afer one day no response and no "sorry guys, i just had a bad day and want to appologize" I would block you to read my robot posts if I could.

Try to get this in your mind and think about a community where people respect each other, no matter the color of their skin, their religion or their age. This is what keeps me opening this website each day again, because here we show respect even if we had a bad day.



You might benefit from reading this:


I hope it helps you understand the feedback you've getting, and how to avoid it in the future. :)