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Ball bearing motor

A ball bearing motor is a strange thing - we made one, and.. gave it a little too many amps :D

(Update II: New video, we managed to make it run on a standard racing pack 7.2V (no clue to how many amps - but not enough to kill a large elephant, only enough to melt wires slowly))

(Update: A SlowMo edit of the video, especially for "mogul" - that's lack of intelligence for you, frame by frame :D)


Original post:


A ball bearing motor needs a lot of amps.

We knew that.

We estimated that this one would do well with 10-15 amps.. But the LiPo battery I had around was a 6600 40C (Estimated 264 amps in the burst).. which turned steel into flying plasma.. a little faster than expected.

Note how close I am to severe burns - the table, floor etc got badly burnt - sometimes I am just lucky :)

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Wow, you were lucky not to get burned:-) 

But yeah, that's the spirit, try everything to find out where the boundaries are ;-)

I would advise using protection goggles whenever potential hazardous spinning objects are involved. :-)

But then again I see you like very much so being on the edge of danger... it's just that eyeballs are so soft and fragile

Huh? Firewall of China again? it works from here - any one else having problems?

Oh, sorry Markus, _that_link, not the other one - fixed now, thanks :)

That was a really dangerous thing to do!

Lucky you didn't get burned! :)

You took "operation on thermal means" very serious. Great so see the plasma - a very obvious sign of electricity.

I think somebody ought to make a video like that about unicorns!

Kids, don't try this at home! Frits is a pro at this....sort of.

lol, you looked like iron man discovering the first prototype of the arc reactor :P