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Ball bearing motor

A ball bearing motor is a strange thing - we made one, and.. gave it a little too many amps :D

(Update II: New video, we managed to make it run on a standard racing pack 7.2V (no clue to how many amps - but not enough to kill a large elephant, only enough to melt wires slowly))

(Update: A SlowMo edit of the video, especially for "mogul" - that's lack of intelligence for you, frame by frame :D)


Original post:


A ball bearing motor needs a lot of amps.

We knew that.

We estimated that this one would do well with 10-15 amps.. But the LiPo battery I had around was a 6600 40C (Estimated 264 amps in the burst).. which turned steel into flying plasma.. a little faster than expected.

Note how close I am to severe burns - the table, floor etc got badly burnt - sometimes I am just lucky :)

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Any chance I ever get to display myself looking like a doped idiot, I'll take it - specally for you, slow motion edit of the video included now :D

That makes it event more incredible. At 2:04 we can see that your friend Rasmus(?) reacts a little faster that you. Nice! It apparently takes at little longer to realize that this is not just another ordinary "mad scientist experiment".

You are now world famous at my entire office!

OK, he might be that split second faster - I am getting older. Damn.

- but what I was surprised about was how I apparently realize the fun in this, at the initial blink of the eye - which is pure reflex, and happens so fast that it's not even seen in normal speed. The very split second something unexpected, like steel on fire flying at you - happens - that instant do you know that it's fun - even before your (my) eyes are opened again.

That really surprises me, I thought fun had to be rationalized somehow.

I suggest you wear a full face welding mask with auto-darkening lenses and leather welding gear when doing experiments that involve shorting out a LiPo otherwise LMR will stand for Let's Maime Roboteers.


lol, you looked like iron man discovering the first prototype of the arc reactor :P

Kids, don't try this at home! Frits is a pro at this....sort of.

You took "operation on thermal means" very serious. Great so see the plasma - a very obvious sign of electricity.

I think somebody ought to make a video like that about unicorns!

That was a really dangerous thing to do!

Lucky you didn't get burned! :)