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Fighting Robot (sumo bot)

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to create a robotics platform that would be easy to use and setup for my highschools' robotics club.


The robotics platform is made for use with Fingertech Robotics' Tiny Cobra base as well as Parallaxs' sumobot base. the robot can either use motors or servos for motion. On the board, in each corner, is a IR sensor setup. It consists of an IR led as well as a Panosonic Infrared reciever. This setup was inteded for basic object detection only.

There are 6 headers on the board. Two of the headers are ment for servos. Two are ment for Parallaxs' QTI line sensor. one is ment for the PING ultrasonic sensor. The four pin header is for connection to the programming device of the Propeller; Prop Plug.

  Also I am using the L293DNE motor driver. Which is creating four positive output channels that with some additional circuitry can control the each motor in two directions.  

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Would you not also do well adding mounting holes? The simple boards I have designed so far have been lacking in that useful component. :)

I will agree the Prop is a powerful chip. Is there a reason you have chosen it over AVR or PIC or MSP430 or ???

Is the $120 figure for a full up sumobot?

Ya I havent gotten around to measuring the mounting spacers on the base i am using, and incorporating those measurements with my design to at designated mounting holes. I also extremely like the reliability of the Prop Chip, and i can program it in the language SPIN which I am firmiliar with. Also The 120 dollars is for the WHOLE robot. I already built two sumobots on my own and they each costed around 120 dollars. :)

A propeller chip for a sumo bot, that is some serious overkill. If you want to use a propeller then wouldn't it be better to get a propstick and design your PCB with an IC socket. That way when your sumo bot dies you can move the propeller to something else.

Yes i do realize that it is completely overkill :). However i have built sumo bots in the past using micros that cannot do any parrallel prossesing which i have found to be really frusturating. I have a prop stick that I use for when I want to test some concepts that i come up with on a bread board. I would rather create an original PCB layout that is why I avoid incorporating Moduales like the Prop Stick or BS2 into my PCBs.

The picture only displays the first layer or the PCB.