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Firefighting Robot (Haven't given it a cool name yet)

Navigates around and finds fire to put out :)

Greetings Everyone :),

Still a Work in progress, this robot Navigates around with an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor and when there is fire(Candle), it detects the Infra Red sent by the flame and puts it out with the Fan.



P.S. I plan to replace the Fan with a Water Cannon in Mark 2. :)


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Are you planning to participate at the Trinity Firefighting robot contest with your creation? Looks like the robot is deisgned for that type of contest.

It's in Hartford, CT. , USA in April 2013.  



AAAAAWWWWWEEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEEE! Thats all I have to say, I cant think of a better word.


 I loooove that tracks! i've added them here in thee list of robot tracks:  


Thank you, glad you like them! :D

Very distinctive look with those big white tracks and the blue fan.

Maybe you could use a few more IR detectors to help guide your robot towards the flame?

Yes, but I am thinking of replacing the IR Sensors because during broad daylight or because of open windows the Robot does get blinded as the Sun emits Infrared as well. Maybe I can use thermocouples. Thank you! :D

Just thought I'd throw this out there, the Wii Remote uses a low-resolution IR camera to detect it's orientation relating to two IR LEDs (sensor bar). Could a similar system be of use to a firefighting robot like this? Replacing the sensor bar LEDs with a single candle flame.

I guess it will still have the same problem of being blinded by other IR sources such as sunlight.

Would a thermocouple be sensitive enough? Would it not need to be in the immediate vicinity of the flame to detect it? Perhaps a parabolic reflector and thermocouple could give some directional sensing of emissive heat.

Can we get a link to the supplier for those great tracks?

Sure, I got this from an Indian Robot Store, they have some cool stuff, here is the link to the Tracks, http://www.robosoftsystems.co.in/roboshop/index.php/motor-accessories/wheels-tracks/52-chain-links-4-wheels.html



Really nice robot!!!!

I would like to ask you of your experience with this shop where you pleased?

Also do you know if they ship worldwide and if they accept paypal?