Let's Make Robots!

Firefighting Robot (Haven't given it a cool name yet)

Navigates around and finds fire to put out :)

Greetings Everyone :),

Still a Work in progress, this robot Navigates around with an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor and when there is fire(Candle), it detects the Infra Red sent by the flame and puts it out with the Fan.



P.S. I plan to replace the Fan with a Water Cannon in Mark 2. :)


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wow! that looks awesome! and yer photography is very neat!!!

p.s @kariloy, hahaha, yer cat picture is cute(with the ears and all...)! :P

The robot looks nice and all and a fan might be a good option to blow out a candle, but you are aware that any other fire a fan blowing towards it would only make it worse, right? :)

Regardless, nice job :) 

Yes, I am, my initial idea was to use a little water cannon but I figured I'll start of with a fan before moving on to the water cannon. Thank you! :)