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[ 2OICRO ] Open International Competition In Robotics Offline [SERVODROID.RU]


Welcome to the second open offline robotics competition!

This competition is held by us for the second year in a row and we will continue to follow this tradition - every year when all the robots come with the holidays, start to prepare for September 1, and someone in the institution or even to work, our site alive. New ideas start to flow the river and our job is to help in the implementation. And we want that every year our robotics looking forward to this date. This time the competition will be conducted in 2 age categories: Category 1 - up to 15 years and 2 category - after 15 years.

Thus, the competition becomes much more interesting and exciting. Participants will compete for the I and II sites (in each category). As well as the Audience Award - PCB of the robots. Party to print the track (Download the track), collect the robot to make a video of acceptable quality, and fill the application form. Maybe your friends are interested in the competition or friends, invite them. If they do not become participants, they can support you morally or voice.



  • From 15.09.2012 - 15.10.2012 for the - Accepting applications and works of participants
  • From 17.10.2012 - 28.10.2012 on - Selection of winners. Vote
  • From 28.10.2012 - Award winners. Closing ceremony.





1. Prepare your route in advance. [DOWNLOAD

2. The robot to the starting line (the robot must not cross the line)

3. Prepare the timer.

4. Turn on the camera.

5. Place the ruler on the scale with marks drawn on the track. The camera must be clearly visible dividing line and the scale division on paper. Making sure that the camera caught these measurements, you can start the race.

6. The timer should be visible for the camera, holding it in his hand (optional).

7. The timer must be running at the time of crossing the robot starter strip, and off at the same time. If you do not have enough hands to hold the camera at the same time, a timer, and include a robot, you can run the robot before the start line, and the timer to run at the intersection of the robot start. Try to help your friend.

8. In the video filmed at the beginning should be a sign SERVODROID.RU - offline competition. As well as the passage of the author.

9. Send your videos by E-mail: melnik1412@yandex.ru marked "SERVODROID.RU - offline competition. Author. Time."

10. Video editing from step 4 points allowed.

  • WARNING plz! Video to the Internet spreads only organizer. Do not lay your videos in the open access to such time as the organizer did not spit on the contest page!




1. Winners who took 1st and 2nd places in the senior and junior category will receive a cash prize of cost robot, claimed as a prize

2. Winners who took 1st and 2nd in the voting for the Audience Award will also receive a cash prize of value declared PCBs.





More information can be found on the official contest page on our website: SERVODROID.RU - commpetision [Please, when you view the page, use the set there a translator from google translator]

As well as the questions you can ask in the official Facebook or Twitter or ONLINE-chat

Winners receive cash prizes for electronic bills WebMoney.







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