Let's Make Robots!

Waiting for my first ever robot stuff!

First of all: Hello and nice to meet you all.

I'm new to the site, discovered it 2 days ago, because my exams ended and I had nothing to do for 3 weeks. So I thought, let's make a robot! I always found robots very inspiring and fun, wanted to make some since i was 11 years old.When I went to highschool the year after, I wanted to study 'Technology', because they showed how to make an RC lego car-like (not a real robot, but still nice at that age) and it looked awesome to me! But I couldn't study it from my parents, because it was 'too low/not intelligent enough', so they put me in latin-science =/

Anyway, it was just a matter of time to get back to robots. Took a few years, but here I am =)

I read the tutorial and I can't wait to make my first robot, and have fun with some speakers to scare everyone in the house at midnight!

I already got some questions, but perhaps I can already got an answer by myself when the shipment arrives, so I'll just wait with them.

So in short: hello everyone, hope to get as much fun as you guys on this forum!


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Lol at the aaronsupers, I totally understand how frustrating it can be to wait (like now) hehe.

Once I had to wait for over 3 months for a harmonica that was coming from The Netherlands (right next to Belgium) ... Only to find out that they send me a wrong one and I had to wait another 4 weeks.

I hope it won't take that long with the LMR starting kit, the site said 2-3 days, and it's been sent on friday (from the US), so let's hope it'll arrive this week! It's been a very busy week for me so far, but still I can't wait to get started!


Welcome to LMR. Expect fun, friendship and cool creations around here!

About the waiting for a parcel: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29829

I live near Brugge and play with Arduino's. It has become a bit of an adiction the last couple of months. I even designed my own "Bajduino's" :)

'Robot builder' is a big word at the moment :P

But it's good too see other Belgium people in here ^^ Where in Belgium are u from? I'm from Denderleeuw (Oost-Vlaanderen)

Ah, another robot builder from Belgium. Welcome :)

Hey! Thanks for the replies!

Just got back from my trip to Luxembourg, to find that the shipment of the Let's Make Robot's Starter Kit hasn't been arrived yet! Damn :D San Diego - Belgium, will be another week I guess.

Well, this means I can try some variations on the picaxe programming, or even read some arduino guides.

So my first project will be the starter robot, but when it works, I'll try to modify as soon as possible, trying some speakers, getting a microphone/sound sensor attached to it, etc... After that, I'll try to learn how to make it remote controlled, but I'll come back with that in a few weeks, will have some fun with the basic stuff first =)

The nickname is indeed not easy to read or write or dream of, but that was kind of the point in getting this name some years ago. I don't remember how it happened, but it just did. :D You can always call me Jano if you prefer that.

Back to play the waiting game!

Cool then...welcome Jano :-)

Welcome! First thing I have to talk about...what user names do people choose :-) Don't get me wrong, you probably got a reason for that but anyway, it's hard to remember them without reading them everytime  again :-) This reduces the welcome [username] phrase to just "Welcome" LOL

Don't worry, you are not too un-intelligent when you decided to be a nerd, this is what you will find here. Nerds allover the place. Sitting 24/7 @ the computer and doing amazing things like building 8-legged robots out of chopsticks or putting some microcontrollers in tin cans or even sea shells. 

Let's see your first shipment and we will tell you what to do with it :-) Seriously, i am sure you got a plan already, just share with us, that's what's this website is for, sharing information, not only a success, also your fails.

greetings! welcome to the one place that will seiz yer imagination for the rest of yer life!!! nah, this is the coolest robotics place in the face of the earth...galaxy...universe....whateva :P

can't wait to see yer progress!!!

cheers and have a good day :)

Glad you are joining the loonie bin. :) Oh, I mean the educated realm that is LMR :D