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LMR's new QR code


Hello to all my fellow let’s make roboters here is the new LMR QR code. I made today and it works. I made it with http://quikqr.com/ and http://goqr.me/ .I’d like to make a really cool project with it. All suggestions are welcome and I’m thinking it would be really cool to have a 12x12 at maker fairer if anyone is going. Well hope you all enjoy .P



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cool! would love to print 'em on a PCB!!!

that would be cool!!! :D

It has been attempted. I don't believe it has been successful yet.

Next step, learn how to put a graphic in the middle of the code w/o affecting it. :)


Shirts, Posters, Signs around town like when missing a dog or something, put it on anyhting really.

There are QR code generators online where you can set redundancy. I guess our hackerspace code is made with 30% redundancy. 

Check it out: 

Cool idea. I'll think about ways to integrate QR codes into the LMR table at Maker Faire. I might make up some posters for some of the robots I know will be there. I could include a QR code on the poster for that robot that takes you to the appropriate robot page on LMR. 

Now, if I can manage to find the time to do this...

I'll help. Here. try this. I made it today. Send me your address and I'll send you one out of cardboroard 

It works and it looks good too. Nice contribution.