Let's Make Robots!

I wish to make complex project X with W, Y and Z features. How do I do it?

WARNING: This project is only a mock-up project intended to help convey to the proper perception of how difficult or reasonable some random project X might be to take on. My target audience for this post is mostly impressionable, clueless youths (and I mean no disrespect), also people lacking method, common sense and/or social convention might benefit from it.


r0b0t_n00b -> This will be our fictional generic character representing someone new to the world of robotics.


So, r0b0t_n00b just arrived at LMR (for instance) which means there must be underlying interest in robotics, a motivation, a purpose to want to know more on the aforementioned subject.

So what should r0b0t_n00b do first? Common sense around the internet dictates the (sometimes enforced) rule of:


Chapter One

So, what if you have no particular idea of what to search? Ask yourself, do you really want to meddle with robotics? If there answers is still YES, there might still be reasonable why you may not know where to start. For that purpose there's always the START HERE BOT PROJECT. It's a fun project, and covers many of the basics of robot building.

You'll eventually run into problems during your robot building, so you'll be needing some HELP. How to get it? First, never go and SHOUT for HELP in either posts or shout box (deceptive name). This would be a good time to read the RULES, a better time would have been right during the time you took to register into the site.

So, how to do it? Well, do you have a specific problem, then write a FORUM post about it. Try to be the most specific about it as possible. Whenever available provide schematics of what you are doing, part names, and any helpful information, just don't go about and write something like:


I was building my bot, I turned it on and it does not work.

That's a BIG NO NO!

The shoutbox can be very handy, but comes with it's limitations, it's not suitable to ask questions that will require complex answers, so stick to forum posts for help, unless you just need a few plain short answers.

OK, now r0b0t_n00b has completed the START HERE robot and it even works, after some help received from the community.

Chapter Two

So, you don't know what to do next? Out of ideas? Ever noticed the main page? Yes, that's the one that shows up when you login. Ever noticed how new projects keep showing up, or older ones progress and get updated? I would say that's a great source, because from there you get:

  1. Ideas
  2. Knowledge/know-how
  3. Help
  4. A sensible idea of how much feasible an idea might be

So, now r0b0t_n00b has some idea of what it might do. If he's sure of it and he knows how to proceed, great, if not might be another time for a new  FORUM post. It might be a question of feasability, implementation doubts/options or anything emerging from the fact that he ALREADY has at least a general, yet applicational idea of what might be required of him to do. A sensible expectation to have I guess.

So, now r0b0t_n00b got some answers and with help (or on its own) has decided on doing project X, knows a more approximate estimation of what might be required of him in terms of work to be done, costs, time, tools, parts, etc. Then start putting everything together, once you have something to show (might just be the first pieces of your robot put together) create a Robot project  and might as well be good to create an associated Blog entry. I found the latter to be particulary useful to vent out some frustrations during the development of a robot, that way your robot project entry can remain a clean collection of steps, tips, instructions of how to replicate your robot.

If all goes well by now r0b0t_n00b should have completed his second robot and learned quite a bit more. Is he a master yet? Unlikely. But by now he should have a firmer grasp on how to proceed without being "hand held" all the time.  


I understand that might be some language, monetary, skill and other type of constrictions. Still, every r0b0t_n00b should adjust his plans and ambitions accordingly. Not enough money? Then salvage parts, try to get them for free (don't beg), do a cost-benefit analysis before you take on a project and see if you can afford it. Problem understanding the language? Then you're probably not reading this far, if you are, then you are to be commended for making the required effort. Not the right tools, materials, skill? Adapt. can't do it yourself?, study your options, buy it done or have it made. But at the end of the day ask yourself: "What do you want? Just some shiny toys? to belong to the club just because it's what the cool kids doing right now? Or do you want to learn, improve yourself and in the meantime have a nice time doing fun stuff?"  


And I think that's it for now [subject to possible further editing].


-- Dedicated to robotboy and all the robotboys out there. I only do this, because I care. Will you care too?


DISCLAIMER: I have no degree (and very limited experience) in tutoring/teaching. Also I know very limit or electronics or robotics and my first language is not english. There are people here that would write up this better than me in many ways, and actually recurrently do something like this already, just not "centralized". In fact, my main motivation for this write up is that despite seeing my redundance/repetition in trying to teach some basic things, some people still seem unable to learn.

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Don't know how, but I wish I had seen it.  Spot on!  We should make a concerted effort to keep this on the front page.  Even better, it should be required reading before registration is allowed, like those online license agreements.

The problem I foresee with that is... what does usually happen with those agreements? :P People just scroll down and press Accept/Continue without reading. :/ Luckily since then... there has been a nuissance to such an extent as the one back then, still some that could benefit from the same lessons do eventually drop by, but oh well. 

At least they couldn't claim "I never saw it."

This was such a pressure-valve for me, PPK!  I think you probably wrote this about the time I was campaigning for a "letsmakerobotsjunior.com" website that we could all take turns baby-sitting on to keep the "3-Letter Teens" (nice one, Dom!) out of our hair.  (A kid's table like at Thanksgiving for the website.)

Haha love the kids table metaphor :D As to why you've missed this one originally I really can't tell.

I only know that at that time the SB looked more like a ONE-kid-daycare-center, you surely know well of whom I speak, the ineffable one :P  ( there were really a couple more of "wingkids", but really those were barely a blip in the radar :P ) 

sarcastic ... moi?

its about time someone said it - cos frankly the "3 letter teenagers" were beginning to get on my wick a bit.

ill be honest i tend to research and ask questions in parralel simply because of the time required to get replies - so im not completely innocent - but id like to think i ask resonably inteligent questions simply as a mark of respect for the people i know will be helping me out (and they have helped - a lot)


I think when someone new joins LMR a little "L" plate should appear next to there name. When they violate one of these rules an experienced member can click on the L plate and for the rest of the week this post will appear instead of the main page.

YOU ARE WRONG!!! I guess not many could write that in this way. You did a great job showing the way to go by picturing it.

About your "not degree thing", i know people with one or more degrees and they just have to live with their limitations ;-)

Disclaimer: Degree holder, please don't get me wrong, I am just kidding and can truely imagine that some degrees are really, really hard to achieve. 

Well, i am sure Frits or another admin will stick that post at the front page just besides the SHR and the Rules. 

Well, what I mean is that I don't have any specific degree in _tutoring_ and/or _teaching_. So, I'm not claiming to know the only true master of pointing in the right way. I do hold a couple of university degrees but they bring little to the question at hand, except the experience they brought me. I'm neither a genious nor anything close (and I'm not trying to pass off as a humble person or anything). I'm just average intelligence, but I do try to do what I can with what I know and what I have. In the end, I believe that the experience that I try to convey in this post stems mostly from world experience and reasonable common sense.

i has making of robot pleses help give us code and motors and cintronller a dn other stuff now thanx!!!!!!11


...... just kidding.


Your post is well executed my friend! This should be put somewhere in BOLD, LARGE letters as a "RTFM" here on LMR.

Also, your English is better than many native speakers I've come across on the interwebs ;).