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Spider 3 Servo Hexapod

A simple 3 servo Hexapod Spider, controlled by the maestro micro 6-servo controller. 2 Distance

Sensores making the Spider autonomous. The idea is from the pololu maestro hexapod.








The head with 2 LED-Eyes is build of wood




Batterie box(4AAA Akkus [4,8V]) + Head and distance Sensores 



Body + 2micro and 1 bigger servo + maestro microcontroller 


Back of the spider 



Front Body+ Legs of wire 



thanks for watching

best regards from germany ;) 

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and thanks for sharing :)

I like the jitter routine. Are you just bouncing the center legs to do that?

PS-The horror. No LMR logo in your video. :) You shall be banished from the land for that one. :)

i think the jitter routine is pretty funny^^ yes just the center legs bouncing with a duration of 100ms 

and i also have changed the video now there is a LMR logo in the video ;) 

Guess I don't want to meet this guy in my basement in the night. Scary. And even more scary with the soundtrack in the video. Well done.

You could expose some more details about the leg mechanics. Would be interesting to read.

thanks :D i will expose more details about the leg mechanics in the next few days.

That's a neat hexapod.  I did something similar a while back.  It developed quite a lot from there but then I 'borrowed' the servos from it.  I'll have to pick it up again someday.

On mine, I found the best configuration was for the centre feet to grip and the front and back feet to slide. Give the centre feet a bit more grip and you'll find it moves a lot more quickly.

thanks i´ve allready put some gum on the feets now it moves more quickly. yes i saw your hexapod dancing on a billiard table on the pololu website, very good :) 

Cool little spider. I like that cable tie art. It's not just looking clean but also gives the spider a kind of texture.

Oh yeah, no LMR logo in the video...you may pray that the counsil will not banish you as birdmun mentioned ;-)

yes i think so too, so it doesn´t look like standard cable. I´ve put some filament into it to form the structure of the cable. 

this looks awesome!!!