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Spider 3 Servo Hexapod

A simple 3 servo Hexapod Spider, controlled by the maestro micro 6-servo controller. 2 Distance

Sensores making the Spider autonomous. The idea is from the pololu maestro hexapod.








The head with 2 LED-Eyes is build of wood




Batterie box(4AAA Akkus [4,8V]) + Head and distance Sensores 



Body + 2micro and 1 bigger servo + maestro microcontroller 


Back of the spider 



Front Body+ Legs of wire 



thanks for watching

best regards from germany ;) 

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Awesome bot! I may build one soon.

Nice simple design, awesome results! I need to build one of these!

Totally borrowing this design for a hexapod of mine!

Keeping it simple (mechanically) and classy (looks great)!

Wow! Another cool 3servo hexapod! The appearance is really nice!

this looks awesome!!!

thanks :) 

Cool little spider. I like that cable tie art. It's not just looking clean but also gives the spider a kind of texture.

Oh yeah, no LMR logo in the video...you may pray that the counsil will not banish you as birdmun mentioned ;-)

yes i think so too, so it doesn´t look like standard cable. I´ve put some filament into it to form the structure of the cable. 

That's a neat hexapod.  I did something similar a while back.  It developed quite a lot from there but then I 'borrowed' the servos from it.  I'll have to pick it up again someday.

On mine, I found the best configuration was for the centre feet to grip and the front and back feet to slide. Give the centre feet a bit more grip and you'll find it moves a lot more quickly.