Let's Make Robots!


Conquerer of Living Rooms

Finally have a few projects up and running--somewhat. My previous "Untitled Robot Project" project was actually scrapped for this, since I needed the already "lego adapted" modified servo I made a while back. One night I stayed up fiddling with a square piece of Foamed PVC, originally intending to build a sort of square "tank" like robot, when this little guy came into existence accidentally!

I've always loved the Johnny-5 movies ("Short Circuit"), so this is my homage build to that amazing animatronic robot. Not sure if I'm going to complete the whole upper torso, since I am using a MICRO servo to move the turntable. I'd probably need to replace that with a larger servo if I added more weight to the top.

My goals for this project will be to:

1. Add sensors, battery, wiring

2. Servo wire extension for turntable servo

3. Finalize the chassis (superglue it all) and build a cover (I will be creating 'panels' from black cardboard)

4. Begin servo motor calibrations

5. Begin autonomous programming


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I've been eyeing NXT sets on eBay.  Your "Frankensteining" it with extras makes it look even more tempting.

It's very easy to prototype with LEGO Technic--and then it's not. What I mean by that is, you'll get an awesome idea of a build you want, and start putting things together with LEGO. But then sometimes, you'll find that it takes twice the steps to make something out of it because of the format of 'attaching' pieces by pegs. Where as building from scratch with raw materials like aluminum and plastics would be much faster and simpler.

It's really up to you. I know some people (myself included, oddly enough) don't consider "LEGO robots" to be "real robots", or simply "toy robots". Then there are those robots built from LEGO that simply marvel and amaze me, and I think to myself, it's OK to use it.

The reason I enjoy using LEGO is the ability to mix it with other raw materials, using it as a foundation system for adding on servos, motors, sensors, circuits, etc. For more robust and exotic builds, I would make something from scratch completely.