Let's Make Robots!


Conquerer of Living Rooms

Finally have a few projects up and running--somewhat. My previous "Untitled Robot Project" project was actually scrapped for this, since I needed the already "lego adapted" modified servo I made a while back. One night I stayed up fiddling with a square piece of Foamed PVC, originally intending to build a sort of square "tank" like robot, when this little guy came into existence accidentally!

I've always loved the Johnny-5 movies ("Short Circuit"), so this is my homage build to that amazing animatronic robot. Not sure if I'm going to complete the whole upper torso, since I am using a MICRO servo to move the turntable. I'd probably need to replace that with a larger servo if I added more weight to the top.

My goals for this project will be to:

1. Add sensors, battery, wiring

2. Servo wire extension for turntable servo

3. Finalize the chassis (superglue it all) and build a cover (I will be creating 'panels' from black cardboard)

4. Begin servo motor calibrations

5. Begin autonomous programming