Let's Make Robots!

Oh God... How gross

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Thanks OddBot!  I needed the laugh and the perspective!

A week later, dad says to Timmy:

"Your soccer ball is looking a bit constipated. Go kick it around the back yard for a while."

10 years ago, this would have been a science fiction story, in another 10 years it will be a science kit that you give some kid for a christmas present. It will come with a steroid booster so that you can start the kit growing in the morning and be kicking the ball around in the afternoon. Maybe they will include some artifical lungs so the ball is self inflating.

Hey Timmy, don't forget to feed your soccer ball before you go to bed, remember the stench when you forgot to feed the football for a week?

Hmm.. would it need a sphincter or would you just kick the S*#T out of it? (If the subject wasn't gross before, it is now :-)