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Wheel specialist

Hi, does anyone know of an online store specialising in wheels?

I mean really specialising in wheels?

I'm getting picky: I've been planning my robot for several months, and have calculated my exact requirements and I know exactly what I want - a wheel with tire, 80mm in diameter, must support approx 7.5kg in weight (so need to be quite wide) and I want gnarly/chunky off-road tyres, though my robot will be indoor-based, they must fit a 6mm motor shaft.

This might be the reason for my struggle: on top of the above requirements, I'm looking for a stockist that will ship to the UK, or is preferably based in the UK. Aside from active-robots and a ton of other robotics stores that all stock the same boring robot kits and wheels that I might have to give in and buy, the only specialist wheel places I can find specialise in R/C cars - so the fittings are all in hex values. 

Ultimately this can be summarised as I'm looking for something like the wheels OddBot used in the Wild Thumper - but 80mm instead of 120mm, with (cheap and fast) shipping to the UK.

OddBot, if you read this, what's the likelihood of Dagu opening a dedicated wheels page on its store? If you agree there's a need for a specialist that is...?

Has anyone here found an amazing wheel specialist or can you recommend any stores that happen to have a good selection, that clearly states the specs of the wheels and/or better still - lets you search by diameter, shaft size, fitting, tyre type etc...??



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This is a new product so I am not sure exactly when the distributors will stock it. RoboSavvy is in the UK. Note: there is another version with a yellow hub. It has a curved spoke pattern an is designed for our yellow geared motors and continuous rotation servos. You could also drill it out to 6mm and put 3mm screws through the spoke pattern to join two wheels together.

Thank you both! 

OddBot, any ideas when that 78mm will hit Dagu's online store? Or where else it is available?

We have a new wheel that might suit your needs. It is 78mm in diameter, the 4mm hole in the center could be drilled out to suit your 6mm shaft. It has a chunky tread and the hub will handle the weight. Your problem will be the tire. As the wheel is relatively skinny (about 12mm) you would have to stack two or three together to get your desired width.

The holes are designed so that neodymnium magnets can press fit into the hub. The small ones around the outside could be used with a hall effect sensor to make an encoder. The six large magnets in the center are intended for a magnetic clutch as used in a new platform we are developing for a customer. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OnZ-QlK3DA

In your case you could use the outer holes to bolt two or three wheels together to get the thickness you need.


Hobby King is worth a shot. Terrible customer service, poor shipping and next to no communication what-so-ever. That said, they have a metric ton of stuff and it is all dirt cheap.

Oddly enough I have been looking for "those perfect wheels" myself (different dimensions that your's of course) but I was quite amazed at the selection at Hobby King.

They are super-international as well, with "hubs" all over the place.  Again, worth a shot.