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How to turn my netbook into a robot "brain"

So I've had some experience with an Arduino and a BOEBot, and was thinking of taking another step forward.

Long story short, I want to build a robot that uses my netbook as a brain. I want to add a camera for motion tracking, which I know could be tricky using an arduino. So, I'd rather use a bigger computer to do the thinking. How would I go about doing this, basically how could I interface with my servos and other sensors? I'm almost hoping to find something that will let me plug in my computer and use the IO pins of a board (like using a netbook instead of an ATMega on the arduino). This way, I put my netbook on a base, add wheels and sensors, and let it go. 

In addition, what language or environment would people recommend I use? I love using the Arduino PDE, but I'm always interested in learning more. I'm studying mechanical engineering, and hoping to get a leg up in my robots. 

Many thanks, and I apologize for the rambling of this email, it's been a long day. 

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im with CTC on this one