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Help with a career in robotics

Ok, so some background on me. I'm 30.9 years old, and have worked for 15 years as a graphic designer. I've realized that I want to build robots for a living. I'd love to make robots that help people, or even prosthetics to help people directly. I keep messing around with my own robots, I've built the BOE bot from a kit, and built a custom-designed and arduino-programmed hexapod. To me, robotics is about building something and watching it come to life. 

So last year, I went back to school, and have been struggling. I'm trying to major in mechanical engineering. Given, I work full time while trying to study, but I'm having issues with my calculus courses. I know math is critical in engineering, but I'm beginning to second guess myself. I just want to develop and build things, but it seems that with every day, that goal seems further away. Am I screwed, in the wrong field, or what? 

I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks everyone!

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If you go down the university path or the selfmade-man path: you are in the golden age of robotics.

With or without a degree doors are open for jobs in the industry. The demand of professionals in the field of robotics is increasing. More and more so called intelligent devices come into our life and reflect that.

So from my point of view you are on track. Go for that engineering degree. Make a low-level flight through calculus to get you to the minimum nessessary marks. Try to get into robotics classes as soon as possible and make industry projects (i.e. as semester-thesis). That is perfect to come in touch with companies that offer jobs in the robotic field.

Good luck. LMR is with you.

PS: ...start to add robot projects here. Let us know where you are at...

i'm 15, and i'm on college, i chose electronics and communications engineering as my course, and we have a robotics subject in 3rd year!!! there's also a robotics subject in computer engineering. :)

I suggest not taking more than two courses per term/semester if you are working full time.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I'm going to start adding some of my projects onto this site to get critiques and advice. And as for school, I'm sticking to it, and following rogue's advice by not taking too many courses at once. I've dropped my physics class, and will focus on calculus and try to squeeze a B out of it. My biggest problem with calculus is just that it takes me forever to do a problem, I get caught up on all the rules and equations and have to quadruple-check my work. I got thrown by our last test, where we had 14 problems to do in 2 hours, and I could only finish 9 of them. It's frustrating to watch 1/2 the class finish early, while I'm banging my head against the wall. But then I have to remind myself, I've already built a few robots, and I have to get through this so I can get paid to do what I love. 

So, thank you again to all of you, words can't express how much I needed to hear what you all said. I'll be posting my first robot on here this week, and I'll post a link on this thread to share it. Best wishes to all!