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My deepest apologies

My deepest apologies 

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That was brave and well said, young man.

Well, to post a video on youtube and saying that you are sorry and apologize...thumbs up for that.


You are the man! don't worry, this place is very friendly. I didn't know what happened, but I can clearly tell that those guys would accept your apologies. :)

You are to be commended Robo Paul.

thank you all. My parents always taught me to do what's right

thank you all. My parents always taught me to do what's right

That's a good thing to do when parents teaching their kids what's right and what's valuable in life. Sadly that's not always the case but your family seems to be on the right way :-)

This is the kind of thing a Man would do. I am quite impressed with you, Paul. This took some guts and some balls and you have truly kept my respect. 

Here is mine. 


ummm BALLS well LOL. Thank you Chris

More than 8 minutes telling what other parents thinking. Well spoken Chris, that's all what I would have to say too. 

You really hit the nail on it's head and you are not alonte with this thoughts. Thumsb up for you too Chris \o/