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My deepest apologies

My deepest apologies 

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That's how I spell respect!

now i didn't listen to the chat but i think if he has the guts to make video to appologise then he will have a good life


Yup, the image above and the tagline are going to be recreated (high res image) and placed on a tee shirt.

I have spoken.

This is the kind of thing a Man would do. I am quite impressed with you, Paul. This took some guts and some balls and you have truly kept my respect. 

Here is mine. 


I think Chris has spoken for all us older members who get frustrated with the younger members who sometimes seem too lazy to use Google or even write a full sentence.


I don't know exactly what was said and I'm no parental unit but these vids were quite on par. I believe any shenanigans were well addressed. Damn well said, both of you.

I believe this to be the moment in the video where I empathized with Chris the most:

Hi-res image here

"Why are you not taking this answer??? I'm handing it to you!"


And now we have this big moment at the family reunion where we all hug each other.

Thank you guys for bringing this level of positive emotions to our site. It probably were here all over all the time, but you made it surface.

Well spoken, both of you.


More than 8 minutes telling what other parents thinking. Well spoken Chris, that's all what I would have to say too. 

You really hit the nail on it's head and you are not alonte with this thoughts. Thumsb up for you too Chris \o/

ummm BALLS well LOL. Thank you Chris

Admitting you were wrong gives you a lot of strength as I'm sure you're discovering-the weakest individuals I know are the ones who are never wrong in their own eyes. Also, it's easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission, but that's probably the wrong lesson to take away from this occasion! ;-)