Let's Make Robots!

LetsmakeRobots inspired

First ever robot made by me.

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Cool! :D


Working on the vid but the program code is still not perfected.  Was inspired from your start up guide of creating a robot. 

The robot is looking the wrong way! He's missing out on the girl in her underwear behind him!

Cool bot :)


It's a girlie-robot, that's why!

Yah he is because he is still not program right.  Maybe later he will be only looking at the screen.  LOL


Ouch!  but hey who says robot has to have gender unless you want it to have one. 

What is the frame of the robot made of? It looks sort of like lego but I don't think that it is.


Yah it is tamiya universal plates.  I was gonna do plexie glass but it wil take time to do that and beside its a bit cheaper and also easier  to put things on the plates. 

HAH! Funny,

At first when I looked at  it I though you screwed a couple of  breadboards together with standoffs, so you could have 2 decks for electronic experimentation !  

Great bot!