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Pololu components integrated

A few weeks ago, Frits posted a blog entry explaining that we were working with Pololu to integrate their product catalog into our Components section. It took longer than expected to wrestle Drupal into submission, but at last the integration is complete, and as you may have noticed on the front page, all of Pololu's 300+ products are now listed as Components. Feel free to browse around -- the cool thing about it is that all of those components remain editable by every LetsMakeRobots user, so you can post comments, tips, opinions, etc about any component you want. Likewise, Pololu can contribute to the site (as Ben has already been doing), offering help and suggestions and sharing their experience. I think this collaboration with Pololu will be a great benefit to us, and I hope you enjoy the new addition to the site.


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Thanks for all the feedback. I agree that it'd be useful to be able to differentiate between user-submitted components and ones that come from companies. I'm working on adding an 'Origin' field (which would either be 'Pololu' or 'LetsMakeRobots', and providing a way to filter your view based on that. We might even default to filtering out the non-LMR components when browsing,  so that they only turn up when searching or if you actively enable them on the browsing page. We're still playing with the various options.

I think it'll be really useful to have them in the database, though. I'd like to come up with some way to let you easily link to any number of components when posting a robot project page. That will take some time to develop, but I think that'd be the best way to make use of all this data we now have in our hands.


Sounds great.

I think it's good and bad.  Good in the sense that no one will hesitate to post components now because they won't stand out as much.  It's just a drop in the buckets so ... why not?  For that and other reasons, the components section might start getting more use now.

On the other hand, the cool thing about the components section was that users could post particularly fun, useful, interesting, or novel components, as opposed to every single part they used.  I noticed this about myself as I was browsing through the components section, looking for user-submitted parts, and subconsciously disregarding the Pololu ones.  I mean ... I can just go to the Pololu site to see those.  I want to see user submitted components because those are the ones that someone thought was worth taking the time to make an entry about, so it must have stood out or been particularly useful for them.

At the very least, I think all the old components, the user-submitted ones, should be bumped up to the top, and the Pololu components shifted to the back of the line (unless someone's actually edited/wiki'd the page since it was posted, of course). 

I think it's better now ;)

Anyway, we now know all that there are a lot of new (pololu) components !



thank you!


I have made some "hotfixes" while Dan is sleeping :)

All Pololu is now to be found in the components section. 

Hey everyone;

I think Dan is taking a little too much heat on this one. It was me who had the idea, made contact, and convinced Dan to do it. Also it was me who said "heck, let's flush", because I wanted us to try it and go online.

Dan has done a lot of work, and I am of course glad that he is man enough to stand in, but just to let you know; I am the guy to blame.

I think there are some crap things to say about it, but trust me, behind the scenes we are pulsating and working on the matter, not done yet, not done yet :)

I want to ask Sparkfun to do the same, once we have this going to everyones satisfaction.

In the end the point should be that we get the bartender in here, at the bar :) I think he will listen more to us than if we are at he's place, and I also think it will spin a lot of other cool options in the long run :) 

Imagine this; You can now actually rate the items, here on our site! And comment freely! And in time search our own place for a lot of stuff!

Belong to us!

I think most people are joking. It was just a bit of a shock to see so many new "posts" due to the upload. Also most of us knew it was coming, but not when. It just caught people off guard. It will be extremely helpful. Nothing to see here move along...


Very funny: a lot of pololu pages and no robot ! I was joking with my AYPABTU ... ;)

Very useful work: now we can start adding our experience with pololu components.



Great work Dan! Thank you very much :=)
Good work! I like it lots!