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arduino word proccesing


Would I be able to connect a ps/2 keyboard, lcd display, and a sd card slot to the arduino , and with some programming make a simple word proccessor? 

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This is something that has been done hundreds or thousands of times.  If you consider computers like TRS-80s and VIC-20s had "word processors" it should be clear it is possible.  They had MUCH slower processors and less memory available.  The hard part is how much ram is available and what kind of storage (like SD cards).  If you google "text editor source code" or something similar you will find the source code to lots of implementations, most of which will be in C.  The smaller ones are what you are looking for.  A few years ago when I was researching a similar topic I ran across a tutorial on how to write a text editor.  The older ones will be better, since the newer ones probably expect everything to be held in the RAM, which will really limit the size of what you can edit on an Arduino.

Here is one that looks pretty good.  You will probably have to modify how it handles the RAM usage, though.  Linked lists are inefficient on the Arduino and waste space.  That is what you can't afford.


It's a pdf so you can download and print if you like.


Thanks for letting me know. 

To be honest, the only reason I actually wanted to do this is because I wanted something to take history notes and I did not want to use a computer or a notepad

I was working on a project like this about a year ago, ps2 keyboard + arduino + sd card reader + 4x20 lcd. I got the basic stuff working and put it on hold due to other interests, I still have some unresolved problems with deleting portions of text from file (managing the deletions in the middle of the text file saved on sd card). Let me know if you pursued your project. Cheers!


Thanks for showing some intrest. I did persue this project, but it is on hold for past 6 months. I am in High School and I have a lot of work. However, I would love to finish this if I just had the time! Last I remember I hit a road block early on in the code, I think it had something to do with the fact that I was using a string when I should have been using an array. 

I am intrested to see what you have; do you have a video and/or code you are willing to share? 

But it would be a very simple word processor. Like electric-typewriter-simple.

I don't see why not. You'd probably want to add an external storage solution like a card interface and printing would be a hassle. You wouldn't get a really great dictionary out of it or much text styling, either, and formatting files to standards you could use with other platforms would be a headache. But as a proof of concept I'd think it wouldn't be too big of a challenge.

All i really want is something real basic, nothing to fancy.