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Surveillance Rover 540 motor edition

Surveillance robot controlled by remote control. autonomous upgrades to follow
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What in inspired me to build this machine:

I was always fascinated with robots and how they worked. I was further inspired by superdroid robots's wheeled platforms and i challenged to make one myself for a fraction of the cost with more features. 


The chassis was welded  for me by a friend, its quite stong and weighs in at about 900grams and made from steel i then wrapped it with some Aluminium sheet metal (chosen for its light weight) and bolted it on. It was a good idea at first, when i had the 4.9kg/cm and 200rpm  28mm motors but when i upgraded to the 36mm geared motors , both the chassis and aluminium sheet were twisted due to the imense torque and speed from the 540 size motors. (25kg/cm and 500+rpm).

These were bought from an ebay seller. At first they sent 3, one had a chipped magnet and one was missing but after a polite email they sent me 4 even though i had asked for  2! 

The cooling fans to cool down these motor controllers. The ones i have are the eBay 300A esc's. They retail for about $10-18 depending on seller. you can get versions with fans which are stable up to 16V (They are actually 30Amp) esc's  not 300. Although they are cheap Chinese imitation of the real deal, they are extremly reliable, haveing shorted them out accidentally or giving power to the motor terminals instead of the power terminals.  


The Surveillance system consists of 2 cameras; one recording camera and one wireless live feed camrea. The recorder cam is fixed on the body overlooking the arm and the front half of the robot. The wireless camrea is a cheap 2.4Ghz camera from ebay. It cost $26 and is surprisingly good and has a range of 50m in open outdoors and about 25-30m indoors with walls in the way. The fixed camera has a run time of 2 hours and taks in micro sd cards up to 8gb according to mnufacturer claim. 4GB is enough for me :)

Power supply:

This robot is powered by a 4400mah 3 cell lithium polymer battery pack. I chose lithium polymer as it was the lightest, had a higher energy to weight ratio and gave the best performance in terms of current draw(i can draw a max current of 88 amps!  and on top of that, i can charge the quicker than lead acid, Nimh and NiCad.

Finished product:

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where did you get that fancy camera?

i got it on ebay. it was $27 last year but you can get it for $36 including postage from hong kong. (its very reliable)

Nice tag collection :D

oh well might as well get everybody's attention with them :)

Where did you buy those 540 size gear motors? Is there any possibility of putting an enconder on it?

I bought them on ebay. Just look for "37mm gear motor".  i would not recomend these unless you were using a chasis atleast twice the size as they have a lot of power and m bot was uncotrollable at times. You would need atleast 200mm wheels as well. The motors best suited for the job for a robot this size are the ones on my latest built/ the 6wd robot. the motors already have encoders, use 10 times less power and are smaller with excellent torque. It is well balanced and drives exceptionally well.  Have a look at the project for more details. 

Any other questions feel free to ask!


Here is a photo of the motor im using now. Highly recommended. just search on ebay "Namiki gear motor"


Thanks a lot!!!



Not a problem. Cant wait to see your project if you are working on one!

How long are those motors?


Thanks a lot :D