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"First Robot" Problems!

Hi everyone, 

I made my first robot according to the instructions from HERE : http://communityofrobots.com/tutorial/kawal/how-make-your-first-robot-using-arduino

After constructing the body and circuit of the robot, I put in the servo program, and that works fine so thats good

then i put in the sensor program, and when i upload it and it starts, i can see all the values come in on the serial monitor, but it doesnt vary much even if i put stuff in front of it (the number is supposed to get larger right?) but its stays within the range of like (0-200) and only when i use my finger to completely cover one of the lenses then all the numbers just become 00000000000
Then i tried putting in the motor program (for the wheels) and like the motors like completely just dont run at all, even if i set both to 'HIGH' and everything, i checked the circuits multiple times, and im pretty sure that i got it all right... but yeah, im not sure why it just like doesnt seem to be working, Oh and i'm not sure if this is supposed to happen, but when i take out one battery and put it back in for the 6V battery pack, the servo turns a bit (like, im not sure if thats supposed to happen) 
(also just a note, i used a H-Bridge motor driver IA instead of a L293D motor driver, because the person i bought it from said it could be substituted pin for pin)
Yup so i was just wondering what could be wrong, because i spent the whole of yesterday trying to figure it out and i couldnt, it would be great if you could help, Thanks!

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so erm, what should i do?


As per your request! althought the stuff is in all sorts of awkward angles and there are wires everywhere so i don't know if you can get a good look at it, but yeah :) thanks so much for helping!

Pics or it didn't happen, as the meme goes. It could be any number of things but the best diagnosis would be through three or four clear, close-up, in focus images of your actual hardware.