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I screwed up my servo, any help?

Alright guys, I made a mistake. So i opened up one of my parralax servos to see how difficult it would be to make it full rotation style. Then I changed my mind ( I never actually touched anything inside) and put it back together. Now the servo does not turn a ful 180 degrees. I think I may have put the gears into a different position so that it stops before it should.... I dont really know of any other way of explaining it. I think it just needs to be realigned. Anyonw knoe how to do this besides just trial and error forever lol?

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"... the shaft's nub did not land between the case's nubs. "


(...and I say that in a Peter Griffin voice, not the voice of the guy from "The Office.")


yep, that was it. got it back up and running, thanks Chris, I owe you a beer :)

Ok, main drive gear --the one that is connected to the main shaft that comes out of the servo. (the "last" gear).

This gear has a "nub" on it. It will have a raised portion, maybe a semi-circle. This raised portion is the physical stop. If you look in the top half of the servo case (where the shaft exits) there will be a corresponding "nub" (two of them actually). As the shaft turns, its "nub" hits one of the case's "nubs" preventing a full turn.

When you reassembled your servo, the shaft's nub did not land between the case's nubs.