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Building my first robot

Hi Everybody,

I am new to this robot building hobby and I am thinking of building my first robot. I have an old rc car which has two motors, one for the steering and the other for the rear wheels. I intend to turn the car into something like the "Start Here"  autonomous robot which can avoid obstacles using an infrared sensor. Problem is I have no idea whatsoever where I should begin. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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The very first step is to get yourself an Arduino (or a Picaxe), a small breadboard, a few assorted resistors, a couple LED's and some jumper wires. Wire up that arduino to the testboard and to a LED. Now write code to make that LED blink on and off.

That is the first step, my friend. Can't do anything else until you do this.

That is so true. Even after you've learnt the arduino or picaxe and you think, I might try an Arm or a pic or an msp430. The first thing you will do is blink an led.

We all did it...blink a LED. If you got this done then you are almost there :-)

Keep your RC car in the box for now and try to find out what you really want. After the first encounter with the microcontroller and the LED you will know :-)

tho i'd recomend picaxe to start unless you already speak C++

for me it was flashing LED's and soldering without destroying everything on the board

in reality a lot of reading and youtube watching helps too before you make any real decisions - a good place to start is here

(that way people actually listen when you ask questions)