Let's Make Robots!

I went to MIT!!!

 As of this month, I had the great privilege of going to MIT's media lab to see all of the personal robots lab! It was amazing, even more amazing to see all the robots up close. In addition, I had the honors of meeting Kenton Williams- an amazing student working with these incredible creations. As you may know, I saw Nexi, Nexi's male version or "brother", Aida, Autom's prototype, Leonardo, and much more. With this being said, I even got to see what Aida is capable of performing, and it was incredible!

In addition to the great tour, one of my latest personal robots-SIHRO- was approved by the robotics genius himself! He was in fact so impressed with my work, I am admissioned to all of the meetings, and I will talk about my latest work, ideas, and communicate with peers as enthusiastic about robotics as I am. To conclude, I have taken many pictures for people to view. Also, these pictures are copyright of me, with permission from MIT, so pictures may not be used.



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Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Leonardo makes me uncomfortable whenever I see her in the videos.  Was "she" that disconcerting in "person?"

No, not at all. As a matter of fact, I found him a little cute in person (Leonardo's a boy). He was not uncomfortable by any chance. :)