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Self Controlled vehicle

Self tracking vehicle
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This is a simple vehicle which will change the path/direction by sensing the clear path. If there are some obstruction, the vehicle will change the direction and start moving in another direction.

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I am looking for a work around to remove the dependency of connecting my vehicle to USB. 

Currently I tried using 4 AA size 1.5 v cells. They are able to run servo, but unable to power motors.

So, I connected with 9v DC battery. That also created some odd behavior in the working of the vehicle.


Hello All,

It had been a very long break. I left my work due to busy office and home life.

After regaining interest again, I have come up with a more profound and more sensible vehicle.

There are still some small bugs. But that will get fixed with time.

So, just go through the next video now....

This video is continuation of my arduino project