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Using NDS/NDSI battery in robotics

Hi I have a few NDs/Dsi batteries lying about is it possible to use them to power servos/arduino if they are connected together as they are only 3.7v 1000mha but are very light.



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NDs?  Dsi? 

Are you sure you are looking at batteries and not a different component part? What is this battery labeled, exactly?

As previously mentioned they are batteries from nintendo dsi and ds lite.

Well, at 3.7v, 1000mAh, I would say that little battery will give you 1/2 amp for a couple hours at just over 3v or so. Depending on the power drain of the robot, this could be enough or not enough.

I was thinking of hooking them up together, I was just curious if anybody had been using them. They are very light and very cheap I might charge them up and try them out.

Those batteries are probably lipo's. Lipo batteries can be very touchy and have issues with internal resistance and the like. When they make multi-cell packs at the factory, they match cells for compatiability etc. Also, fancy "balancing" chargers are used --again, to treat the battery pack a nicely as it can.

Lipos can go very bad, very quick and it is nearly impossible to put out the fire once it starts. (Water makes it bigger, BTW) --Just not something to "just connect together" in my mind...

Thanks for the info, I wont be doing that then.