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Project: Mat Nix Blinky Display

Create blocks of pleasing pulsating colors.
006_RGB.bas7.98 KB

Intro: Sept. 23rd, 2012 -

My buddy Mat Nix wanted a light display that would respond to people moving about a room. Something like a wall of little frosted windows with pulsing lights. So I came up with this little number.

Sorry about repeating myself in the vid but I'm in a hurry and just needed to get something posted.

Code has been attached for anyone who's interested.

No schematics are currently available. This was a "top-of-the-head-with-many-datasheets-and-other-windows-open" creation.


A 14M2 piloting one of my PICAXE boards atop a 170-pt breadboard for extra room.


Got a couple mini-power busses to make things easier.



Everything jumpered up to be powered by the 3A 5V regulator.


The individual RGB LEDs powered by a trio of N-channel FETs.


The three adjustable PIR sensors used.


Project page refinements to follow, hopefully with a go-ahead on the project in general.

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An interactive wall is still a jaw-dropper on an exhibition. Having a friend like you Mat can now go further with his work - push his work to new levels. Soon the complexity of his demands rise - I bet he'll get more appetite on the meal you cook, Jack.

Being a facilitator... it feels good.

He liked the conceptual model I made. I'm to add a white backlight to the project and move forward with a simple one-cell display. His appetites were still getting to understand all the possiblities so his new demands were minimal. He was impressed at the simplicity and adjustability of the setup.

Not my usual thing but I'm diggin it :)