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Raspberry pi GPIO

Simple question (hopefully)

As a simple starter project, I'm considering using a raspberry pi as a looper, probably based around This Software. As it uses a keyboard or midi input to trigger loop recoding, I'm wondering how hard it is to map the gpio pins on the RasPi as keyboard/midi inputs.

As an additional question, how hard would it be to send some of the data from this program to a cheap character LCD?

Thanks in advance.

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If you are familiar with Arduino, the WiringPi library will be helpful. Including GPIO and LCD functions in Arduino programming style.

Thans for the reply.

I'm not currently familiar with arduino, although I am looking at having a go with it. However, I doubt it's worth installing wiringPi. All I need to do is write a short program to turn a GPIO logic input into a keyboard or midi input, for the software to use to trigger the loop recording. I'd use a hacked PC keyboard, but I think that doing it via GPIO would be a neater arrangement, so that's why I'm asking. I would have thought that python or something similar would be capable, but I haven't any experience with it yet.