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Im a newbee so i dont know anything. I would like to make a RC car robot
that has a picaxe 28 and has a incorporated camera that permites me to
"see" what the car sees from a diferent location, like your copter, only
for a computer or radio controller, I would like to have a steering wheel
so that it turns wheen you tur it, a lever that makes the car acellerate
when you push it, it would fantastic if you guys helped me..
Yours truely


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Do you think that this camera would work? http://www.espionagem.com/produto.php?fid=068-196:02563

How could I make the data from the camera-car-picaxe get to may controller,

And how could I program a display visor to display the video?



What you are looking for is a plain ol' wireless camera. I would start hitting model airplane websites --they have the kind of wireless camera you would be looking for.

This first step to obtain this goal is to start gathering information on different MicroControllers. There have been a million discussions on if one should choose a Picaxe or Arduino. Picaxe is a bit more simple, and uses Basic as a language. Arduino is a bit more complicated but more powerful and is programmed in a C-like language.

From there, you will need a small breadboard, LED's and a few assorted resistors. Start by building a circuit and writing code to get that LED to blink on and off. This small excercise will give you a good idea of what you will need to learn to build your RC car project.

Another option is to buy a robot kit, including the microcontroller, motor driver etc. The "Start Here" robot is a good example of a kit such as this.

Yes i agree, this november i am going to make may first robot, one like the start here, with the help of my friend, i am going to use a 28X microcontrollor,

But if i wanted to make a car like that how could i make the video in the camera get to my control?



Not sure that a 28x will be powerful enough to stream video data. You might need to buy a wireless webcam and just hook that up to your PC. Its a problem you can always think about closer to the time.